Enterprise Roadway Manager
Manage and maintain your linear referencing system (LRS) in a single integrated platform

Manage and maintain your linear referencing system (LRS) in a single, integrated platform with Enterprise Roadway Manager (ERM).  Take the complexity out of integrating your business data with your route network.  ERM provides the tools to integrate business data with route geometry created in your enterprise GIS through intuitive interfaces making it simple to use and understand your data at the route or network level. ERM gives you the ability to query, validate, report and maintain your business data in a single solution. Built in user, role and workflow management provides a true enterprise solution for maintaining complex and overlapping datasets while minimizing conflicts.   

ERM provides multiple ways to visualize your business data to fit the needs of a diverse user population.  View and present your data using maps, reports, and Straight Line Diagrams (SLDs) on both desktop and mobile platforms. Integration of video log data provides a true “drive the route” multimedia experience. Take the fullest advantage of you enterprise datasets regardless of format.  Take control of your LRS with the most comprehensive and flexible management system available.

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