Encroachment Permit System
A permitting system for Tracking & Monitoring Encroachment Activities on State DOT Right-of-Ways

Encroachment Permit System provides a customizable online solution for the submission, review, approval, tracking and inspection of permit requests. System encapsulates an optimized workflow for the encroachment permitting process, provides proactive reporting capabilities, and leveragesESRI ArcGIS technology to provide informative mapping and analysis capabilities. It is built on workflow management platform that is customizable to support various approval processes & notifications in your organization. Customer portal allows submittal of permits requestsand associated key documentation such as construction plan etc. From the DOT's portal View, employees receive these permits and based on internal workflow logic, they can review, approve, reject or request additional information. Encroachment permit system supports integration with project management tools such as primavera to visually notify possible conflict with other roadwork at the location. 

Learn more by clicking here: Encroachment Permit System Video

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