Delasoft Inc. is a leader in the fields of GIS development, mobility applications, asset management and consulting.
GIS Development & Integration
Delasoft’s services in the enterprise GIS implementation include enterprise planning, implementation, managed cloud GIS services, and Esri ArcGIS system implementation.
Asset Management
Asset Management services to various industries help customers around all areas of business and asset class. Whether you are new to Asset Management or currently implementing it, we can help at all levels.
Outdoor Advertisement Control
A comprehensive solution for Outdoor Advertisement Control.
Encroachment Permit System
A Permitting system for Tracking & Monitoring Encroachment Activities on State DOT Right-Of-Ways.
Outdoor Advertising Control

Manage your outdoor advertising permits from the field using mobile devices and the office with comprehensive mapping, invoicing, tracking and

Enterprise Roadway Manager

Manage and maintain your linear referencing system (LRS) in a single, integrated platform with Enterprise Roadway Manager (ERM).  Take the

RevJet Airport Permitting and Revenue Management System

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Encroachment Permit System

Encroachment Permit System provides a customizable online solution for the submission, review, approval, tracking and inspection of permit

Highway Performance Monitoring System

HPMS Submission is an annual time bound requirement mandated by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). HPMS submission requires 68 data items

ROW Violation System

Empower your ROW violations team with a comprehensive solution to identify violations, track violation life cycle and collect applicable fees from

Junkyard Control System

Approve and manage Junkyard permits electronically to streamline Junkyard control. Mobile integration eliminates paper based field inspection

Utility Collaboration Manager

Utility Collaboration Manager facilitates seamless communication about state projects between

Departments of Transportation (DOT’s)

Incident Locator Tool

Incident Locator Tool (ILT) comes with GIS capabilities and functionality that captures location information of an incident and integrates with the

Spatial Components Admin Tool

Spatial Components Admin Tool is a client server application that integrates with Oracle Spatial enterprise databases, and provides an easy way of


Delasoft'sRoadVIDEO is a web based digital video log for road inventories. It allows a street-level video and displays an online

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